Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

Sketches, postcard, square

These are pages from my Moleskine all in ballpoint pen, all from life.

Left: Figure drawing / Right: My girlfriend, Lynn, trying to take a nap

Various dead Animals

Left: Some monkey's tiny skull / Right: Holy crane

Girlfriend swearing at the Gameboy. Tetris of course.

Felix, my illustration teacher from last semester. Great guy!

Left: Jonas (not me) on the train to Frankfurt and some notes from philosophy class.
Right: Some guy drunkenly playing cards on the train to Frankfurt

Here's another postcard I did for my illustration class postcard swap. The text says "good boy".

This drawing is part of a personal project Lynn and me are working on.

Gesso, acrylics, ballpoint pen on bristol board. 21x21 cm


Valentin Fischer hat gesagt…

yay, schön wieder neue Sachen von dir zu sehen. Freut mich das du wieder was zeigst.

Ich hoffe dir geht es gut.

Schöne Grüße

Anonym hat gesagt…

excelent sketches!!! excelent

me gusta muchismo los bocetos en moleskine !!
un gran saludo y sigo pasando

cara hat gesagt…

These are amazing! What kind of ballpoint pen do you use?