Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Another Postcard + Portrait sketch

Here's a postcard I painted today.
I played around with all kinds of stuff and tried to imitate a texture I saw in one of Sam Weber's paintings. It reminds me of veins, which could be useful for a class assignment I'm working on.

Sorry for the creepiness, I guess it's a Halloween postcard.

I'm working on a lot of stuff right now, I hope I'll have something cool to show in a few days.

Edit: Forgot something.
Here's a sketch I did of my buddy and amazing artist Markus Neidel.
This was painted from life on a Cintiq (which drove me crazy). I finished the sketch at home on my trusty Intuos3, because I don't need them fancy Star Trek machines!

Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

Sketches, postcard, square

These are pages from my Moleskine all in ballpoint pen, all from life.

Left: Figure drawing / Right: My girlfriend, Lynn, trying to take a nap

Various dead Animals

Left: Some monkey's tiny skull / Right: Holy crane

Girlfriend swearing at the Gameboy. Tetris of course.

Felix, my illustration teacher from last semester. Great guy!

Left: Jonas (not me) on the train to Frankfurt and some notes from philosophy class.
Right: Some guy drunkenly playing cards on the train to Frankfurt

Here's another postcard I did for my illustration class postcard swap. The text says "good boy".

This drawing is part of a personal project Lynn and me are working on.

Gesso, acrylics, ballpoint pen on bristol board. 21x21 cm

Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

Mad Scientist Laboratory

Here's another postcard I finished the other day. I rounded the corners on both cards because I like the look. Also, organs seem to be an ongoing thing for me..

Acrylics, various inks and lots of water on cardboard

I had a lot of fun doing this one, I experimented with wacky techniques. Here you see the whole card submerged in water with a few drops of ink for good measure:

Turns out the cardboard was actually three layers of paper which promptly came apart when I took the thing out of the water. I glued them back together with a mix of glue and acrylic medium, now the card feels like it's made of rubber. Pretty cool.

In other news, it seems I have a stalker:

Dude's been spying on me from outside my window for the past week or so. I snapped a pic when he wasn't looking, if you know him, let me know..

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008


Welcome to my new blog!

This will be the place where I show my sketches/paintings/illustrations from now on.
Let's do this!

Here's a sketch I finished a few minutes ago. It is pretty tiny, since it's a postcard which I will be sending to someone from my Illustration class. Everyone in that class will send a postcard to someone else every week, I'll make sure to show the cards I receive on here.

I really hope this survives the journey. I might just drop it off personally since the guy doesn't live very far away.