Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Another Postcard + Portrait sketch

Here's a postcard I painted today.
I played around with all kinds of stuff and tried to imitate a texture I saw in one of Sam Weber's paintings. It reminds me of veins, which could be useful for a class assignment I'm working on.

Sorry for the creepiness, I guess it's a Halloween postcard.

I'm working on a lot of stuff right now, I hope I'll have something cool to show in a few days.

Edit: Forgot something.
Here's a sketch I did of my buddy and amazing artist Markus Neidel.
This was painted from life on a Cintiq (which drove me crazy). I finished the sketch at home on my trusty Intuos3, because I don't need them fancy Star Trek machines!

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Jan Crusoe hat gesagt…

hey buddy!

I really like this one! Maybe because I'm totally starting to get my halloween mood or maybe 'cause I like what happens when you play with paint.
And I dig the veins too!