Montag, 1. November 2010

Vlad and friends

More work for "the project" which is now called "Pjotr".

Here's what we did today.
Julius built a rough traincart interior in 3D over the past few days. Here's what it looks like when you render it in lines:

He then put some rough colors on it and (lazily!) pasted in my concept art for the girl:

Then it was my turn. I painted the characters and the details. The finished image:

It's alot of fun working like that. Julius has a great eye for colors and light and his work saves me alot of headaches. Sometimes we'll pass an image back and forth a few times before arriving at a point where we can call it finished.

I did some more character concepts, too. Not much to say here.


Brun Croes hat gesagt…

This project is shaping up nicely!

Great work and interesting technique, I tend to use a similar approach when I can't get the perspective the way it should be from my sketch.

Keep it coming man!


universalmax hat gesagt…

man those look hectic. very good work guys. is it for uni or the mysterious project?
it's good to see you so productive.
keep em coming, I'm sure u're having heaps of fun doing this.

universalmax hat gesagt…

If you like some critic there is something that pops my eyes when I look at those characters. First of all I love the matchless execution with great eye for general shape and sense of color as well as stylisation.
The only thing that bothers me are the legs. All characters have skinny legs. I know u did that on purpose but it would be nice to see some characters with fat legs just to break the chain.